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Surface Disinfection using H2O2, Dosy Mist ⇓

DOSYMIST The New Generation of H2O2 Generation System

Solid Fog Technologies Solidfog offers you Simple,Reliable,Economical and Easy to validate decontamination system with H2O2.

  • Simple: Compact design, reduced size, mobile and easy to handle (plug-and-play).

  • Reliable: Calibration certificate of components, Siemens PLC, control and self-diagnose of working parameters. IQ/OQ complete documentation.

  • Economical: High quality for a fair price, use of non-proprietary biocide (H2O2 12%), better and wider materials compatibility.

  • Ease Of Validation: Great dispersion capacity (up to 200 m3 volume), very high efficiency (up to 6-log) and capable of monitoring and recording data for cycle validation.

Applications in GMP aseptic production areas and biotechnology

1. Sterilization and/or decontamination of clean rooms, contained laboratories, etc.

2. Sterilisation of materials in sealed enclosures (Isolators, MAL, RABS, etc.)

3. Decontamination of biological safety cabinets (Exchange of filters, etc.)

High Temperature HEPA H13 Filters for 350°C Application ⇓

High Temperature Filter Selection Guide

Dry Syrup Filling Line Cambridge High Temperature Filters may contain either ceramic or silicone sealant. As silicone sealant filters may release silicone gas during usage, for sterilization,filling, film coating and other similar processes, ceramic sealant filters are recommended.
Dry Syrup Filling Line

Revamping Of Filling Machine ⇓

Revamping Of Filling Machine

Revamping Of Filling Machine Revamping Of Filling Machine Revamping Of Filling Machine This Multi head Unit is specially designed to be integrated with filling system, hence provides opportunity to upgrade the filling system with servo mechanism for precise filling without modifying existing area layout.

  • Solution to problems inherent to filling stations,aiming at wiping out issues related to product,viscosity,drop splash etc.

  • Individual control of filling pumps.

  • Tool less change over filling syringes.

  • Precision of filling +/- 0.1%.

  • Easily integrated to any make of existing filling machine.

  • Available in various number of filling head depending upon existing filling machine speed.

  • Upgrading of filling to have precise filling without any area modification.

  • Trouble free system hence gives freedom for mechanical setting of fill volume. Fine setting can be done through touch screen.

  • Better filling hence less wastage and more yield.

  • No mechanical spare consumable. / /

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